FRIDAY The 13th Versus DEADPOOL Part I



The sun shines. From the distance we can reaches Karnak. In the middle of many columns we observes the shadow of a man that tries to open his suit. It's DEADPOOL. He does a circle wih his pee on the sand and pops up a weird mark in the middle of the circle.

He closes his suit and bends his knees to smells the mark. After that he taste the mark. DEADPOOL stands up kicks the mark, falls in a huge hollow and slips until one secret chamber.

Is anybody home? Someone
that is alive here on this

He walks around.                    

I hate mummies and I 
don't want to see it. 

On the right corner he finds a coffin and open it. We observes a mummy and he tries to unroll the face of it. After that he finds one mask and tries to put it out. He gets the mask and observes the mummy.

You are more ugly than
me. But I'll kiss you.
No. I don't think so.

He gives his back to the coffin and analyses the mask. 

What the hag is this?
It's kind of a hockey

JASON wakes up, gets his MACHETE, stands up his body, crosses the machete in the back of the DEADPOOL that falls on the floor. JASON gets back his mask, put it on his face again and gives us his back to walks out of there. After that, we can observes a hand on the shoulder of JASON. It's DEADPOOL.

Hey man! We started wrong.
Let me introduce...
I'm DeadPool. Nice to meet

DEADPOOL stands up the hand. JASON observes DEADPOOL and tries to hit him again but DEADPOOL manages to stop the blow, holds JASON'S hand and KISSES his face. Jason throws DEADPOOL against the wall.

You are very strong and
have to go to therapist.

JASON puts his head on the left side and obseves DEADPOOL. 

I know. Your girlfriend
left and betrayed you.
Talk To me. I can help you.
I have some experience
on this issues.

JASON gives his back again to him and walks. DEADPOOL reaches him.

Hey! Big ugly guy.

JASON turns to DEADPOOL and cut his arm very fast.

Did you see it. I'm
here trying to be your 
friend and you cuts
my arm. Do you know how
long it's to grows
up again? I hate you.
We could be a partners.
But you messed up.

DEADPOOL puts his ass on JASON'S direction. JASON observes DEADPOOL'S ass and puts his head to the right side of his shoulder. 

Did you like my ass?
Can be yours if you
stopped cutting my
body. Ok. It's a 
joke. I'll don't give
you my ass... But
if you be romantic
and takes me into
your arms... I can't
resist your charms.
Sing with me... Big
ugly shy handsome man.
I do the Diana Ross 
Part and you do the
Lionel Richie part.
Let's start... Ok.
I do both.
My love, there's only
you in my life. 
only thing that's bright
My first love, You're
every breath that
I take. 
You're every step
I make. 
And I, I want to
All my love with you
No one else will do
And your eyes, your eyes,
your eyes...

They tell me how much
you care 
Ooh yes, 
You will always be
My endless love.

JASON turns to the exit and walks. DEADPOOL runs after him. 

Wait for me...
My E
ndless Love.       

by Sergio Clemente.




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